Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Maori and pacific warrior

Teuila’s heart was pounding as she was being chased by a great white shark. She was exhausted from swimming so hard, but she knew that as a warrior she could do anything to escape situations like this. Teuila had a lifetime ahead of her and she didn’t want to die.

But the problem was that she was swimming far away from her tribal village. She knew she had to escape from the shark but she also knew that she had to get back quickly to her village. She thought that someone could see her but no one had noticed that she was gone.

Suddenly the shark gave up and she swam away.  Teuila spotted an island in the distance. Limping out of the water she noticed that she had a very bad cut on her leg. She found two sticks and used them as walking sticks.

After what seemed like a long time, Teuila found a little hut in a small village. She barged in and looked for someone to help her. An old lady said “Hello are you ok?” “No I have hurt my leg badly and I need to fix it” said Teuila. “Oh sure I can help you” said the old lady as she helped Teuila. After a long time it was starting to get dark. The old lady said “Oh no there is a storm about to hit”. “What? No! There can’t be! I have to get home!” Teuila said.

“Go to sleep and we will get you home tomorrow” said the old lady. The next morning Teuila woke up to a village that looked like it had been destroyed. “Oh my goodness that storm must of been big” said Teuila. The old lady said “Yes, yes it was”. Suddenly the old lady said that her grandson had a boat, and that he could take her home. “Why thank you. Now I can see my family again” said Teuila gratefully.

“TEUILA where were you?” said Teuila’s mum. “Sorry mum it’s a long story”. “I’m so happy that I’m back” Teuila said. She explained how she had been chased by a shark, getting lost and then surviving a storm. Her family were so relieved to hear that she was ok. That night, Teuila’s family made a huge feast to welcome her back. Then they lived happily ever after.

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