Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Native birds in Tamaki

Walt: write persuasively.
What’s your favourite bird in Tamaki? Should we have more native birds in Tamaki. I think we should because they are important to Tamaki.

I think that we need to have more kakapo in Tamaki. I think that because there’s no kakapo in Tamaki. I also think that because they are also extinct to NZ.

I also think that we should have more kiwi in Tamaki because out of the whole country kiwi’s are nearly extinct. So I think that we should have kiwi’s in Tamaki. I also want to see kiwi’s in Tamaki because I love them and they are pretty.

I wish that Tamaki would have less Magpies because they are really annoying and they really scare me. I also think that they are kind of dangerous to some kids. So that’s why I think we should have less Magpies.

I think that having more native birds that are nearly extinct in NZ is good to have them in Tamaki to help increase the population. I also think that having less non-native birds is good for Tamaki so we can be more native. So that’s what I think.
Task Description: I had to write a story about native birds and why we think there should be more in Tamaki. I also had to post it on my blog with a title, WALT, Task Description and labels. So please feel free to comment on my blog.

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