Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Activity 1 Day 8 Week 2

What I like to do in summer time:

sometimes in summer time I like to lie in bed and watch YouTube. I also like to go for walks with my mum. But my most favorite thing to do in summer is to go for a swim on sunny days when I'm hot. Oh and guess what sometimes in summer I have a water fight with my cousins on my trampoline it's really fun because we fight then after that we put balloons on the base of the trampoline then we jump and we try not to step on the balloons always they will pop. And one time we had a water fight and I got to water balloons and popped it on their heads.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I forgot about water balloon fights! I miss having those.

    You remember when I told you I lived in Korea, well they have a water fight festival near Ewha university where everyone shows up with water guns and starts shooting each other! It is great! In Thailand they have an even bigger one where the whole city of Bangkok joins in! I don't like it when they put ice in the water they squirt or dump on you with though. It's too cold when the temperature outside is in the 30's! The one in Bangkok goes well into the night. It is crazy!

    Have you had a water fight already these holidays?