Thursday, 13 October 2016

taking my chromebook home

Today at school Mr Goodwin (my teacher) gathered about eight children on the mat today. He started to talk about how we had bring our forms home to take our Chromebooks home, then he told that he had our forms and that we were treating our Chromebooks well. Then some good news came out he told us that we could take our Chromebooks home. I was so happy that I could take my Chromebook home because then I can finish off work and I can blog. “Yaaaaay” I yelled in my head. I wasn’t the only out of my friends that took my Chromebook home my friend Paikea and Naomi had the opportunity to take their Chromebooks home, I was so happy for them because I wasn’t the only out my friends “yay” I thought. So now that I got my Chromebook at my house I can blog and do my homework. Hope you enjoy looking at my posts now that my Chromebooks with me at home, and please don’t forget to comment on my blog thank you.

here's a photo of me at home. (Chromebook in front)


  1. How fantastic Makayla - I know how long you have been waiting to take your Chromebook home and I know that you will look after it. Enjoy all your extra blogging!!

  2. Woohoo, how exciting Makayla! Can't wait to read all your extra blog posts from now on