Thursday, 13 October 2016

P.E.S Olympics

Today the 13th of October, Pt England hosted an annual Pt England 2016 Olympics. All the children from our school had to compete. But there is a twist, we were put into countries as teams to compete in. I was in South Africa A. they were all nice to me. There was also another twist the year 1’s-4’s competed by themselves and the year 5’s-8 competed with each other. But at the end of the Olympic games all the teams came back to where we were held which was the hard court and said our plan, then we had lunch and after lunch we had a little podium ceremony. And in 6th place was Jamaica, in 5th place was Japan, in 4th place was Canada, but in 3rd place was the team I was in South Africa, in 2nd place was Brazil and in first place Fiji. today I had so much fun at the Olympics.

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