Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Muesum trip

On Friday Rm 11&12 went on a trip to the museum. We went to the museum to learn about dinosaurs. When we got to the museum it looked so big. I felt excited to get in the  museum to look at all the amazing stuff.

I was in Mrs Moran’s museum group, She was really nice to us. When we got inside we had to sit on the ground to get given the instructions. Then suddenly we started to go. The first thing we did was go to the classroom and learn about dinosaurs.

My favourite part was when we had to find all the things in our activity booklet. The first thing we that we went to was the Encounter. At the Encounter we had to look for a puppet photo. Then we had to look for 2 tea cups and one jug.

Then later on it was time to go back to school. While we were waiting for our bus to come and pick us up we slided down the hills in clean plastic bags. Then suddenly our bus came and we had to pack up and get our stuff to get ready to go back to school.


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