Thursday, 29 October 2015

Athletics Rotation

Today in the morning team 3 had athletics activities. We had athletics to have fun with our friends and to have fun with our classmates. Team 3 went to athletics with our teachers so they can give our instructions.

At athletics we played all kind of activities. First my class played at a throwing obstacle. Our goal was to try and throw our furtherest. While waiting for my turn Chastyti threw a tennis ball far away and it was sawing across the sky everyone said “WHOAH”. But sadly we had to rotate to our next game basketball we all said”YAY basketball“.

Once we got to basketball we were amazingly excited to play a game of basketball. I was absolutely happy because I was in my friend's team their name was Daisy and Naomi. As soon as we started Charlese sprinted across the court and she was amazingly far from the hoop and scored a goal we all cheered for “WHOO HOO“. Then it was the other team's ball and they were sawing through the court then Jorelle came with the ball and took a wonderful shot and scored her team a goal we were happy for her. Suddenly the bell rang and we had to rotate to our next game sack race.

As soon as we got to the sack race we got in our lines and pounced across the field. Some of us even fell but we got back up. and tried again. We had to encourage our mates to keep trying. But then sadly we finished and went back to class.

At athletics I felt absolutely happy to get to know my classmates more. I had a lot of fun with my friends and classmates and all kinds of activities.

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