Monday, 18 September 2017

Star Dome trip

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On Friday last week Team 4 went to Stardome. We were split into 3 groups, and went at different times. Have you ever been to Star dome before?

Once it was our turn we went inside the Observatory and went into a room and listened to a guy talk about the solar system. We already knew a lot about the solar system but he taught us even more, at first I was like “what are you talking about”. But then he started to talk even more and then he taught us a lot more about the solar system. After that he told us that we were going to do a quiz about what we just learnt. Then we had to go back to our groups and get ready for the quiz.

Once it was time to do our quiz we got into our groups and started. But our group was split in half, so the girls in our group went in one group and the boys in our group went in another group. Our group leader for our group was Tenei, she leaded our group and told us what we had to do. So to do our quiz we had to look for the pictures and read the articles to find our answer. There were a lot of questions and once we had finished we had to hand it to the lady.

After the quiz we went into this room, where we watched a movie about the solar system. The movie was cool but it made me feel motion sick. While I was watching the movie my friend Santana felt sick, she told me that she felt like she was going to faint. Then I started to freak out and told her to look at the chair. Then I started to watch the movie again, and then
I looked at Santana and then she fainted. Then I had to tell a teacher and I felt sorry for Santana.

At Star dome I learnt that the sun is more than five thousand km. I also learnt more about the planet in our solar system. I would love to go back to Star dome again and learn even more about space.

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