Friday, 2 June 2017

The most best mixture of white and milk chocolate

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The chocolate that I ate was a cadbury chocolate that was the best mixture of white and milk chocolate I have ever tasted

This chocolate is a chocolate from the chocolate brand Cadbury. It costs $3.99, this chocolate has white chocolate on the top and milk chocolate on the bottom. This chocolate is called top deck.

This chocolate smelt like a nice mixture of white and milk chocolate, it was kind of like a chocolate that was meant to be mixed not separate. It tasted like the best mixture of milk and white that was ever made, because when I ate the chocolate it was like milk chocolate and white chocolate mixed together and when it melted in my mouth it was so delicious. When I looked at the top deck chocolate it looked so weird at first but when I ate it wasn’t weird it was yum. When I felt the chocolate it felt really smooth and when I rubbed it little bits of the chocolate came off. I so loved the chocolate that I ate.

To improve this chocolate I would have a little bit more milk chocolate so that the white and the milk chocolate would be equal. I would also like it to be a bit more bigger so that you could taste more of the flavour. But I also want it to be milk chocolate the white chocolate in the middle.

I would recommend this to you. I would recommend this because it is really yummy, and when it’s in you mouth it is really creamy different. I would also recommend it because if you would like to try a nice mixture of white and milk chocolate then you should try this yummy chocolate. But I would also recommend that you eat it little by little if you like it so much.
This is my made up wrapper for my chocolate.

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