Monday, 8 August 2016

It's the first day of the Olympics

Today was the opening of the Rio 2016 Olympics. The only people that compete in the Olympics are the bestest people at their sport in the country that they represent.The Rio 2016 Olympics is an event where heaps of athletes come from their countries and play sports to represent their country, if they come in the top 3 they will get a medal. If you come 1st you get a gold medal,if you come 2nd you get a silver medal and if you come 3rd you get a bronze medal. 

At this Olympics I am excited to see Usain Bolt drink Gatorade. I am also excited to watch Valerie Adams throw the heavy shot put. I was wondering if Valerie Adams is going to come first at her sport. I can't wait to watch the Olympics this year because it is going to be exciting and fun. 

This year I want to watch gymnastics because I like the technique of their acts and I love the music. I hope there will be a New Zealander gymnast there and that they come in the top 3. I also want to watch Usain Bolt sprint down the track and come 1st. This year I am excited for the Rio 2016 Olympics. 

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