Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My narrative

On a nice sunny day there was a girl named Ella at school. She was learning chemistry until suddenly she saw a crack in the earth, she was shocked. But then she told he friends and their hearts were pounding.

Suddenly one of her friends thought that they can get help from their teacher and save the world. At lunchtime Ella and her friends went to talk to her teacher,but her teacher could not help them. “Oh no everybody’s panicking” said Ella.

“We got to get them calmed down” said Ella. “ wait how is there a crack in the earth. “oohh it was me because this morning I was fighting with my mum and I said I hate my life” I must of hurt the earth’s felling and it might be teaching me a lesson.

“You should say sorry to your mum and love your life again then it will stop” said Ella’s friend “ Yeah I guess so” said Ella. Then Ella and her friends went to talk to her mum and Ella said sorry. Then they lived happily ever after. The End

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