Monday, 7 December 2015

Invented dinosaur-Diamond 'o' raptor

My dinosaur is diamond ‘o’ raptor. It is a omnivore,it eats meat and plants. Diamond ‘o‘ raptor means Diamond robber. It lived in the early cretaceous.

The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor lived mainly in the forests and by the water. Diamond ‘o‘ raptor stays by the forests so it can eat some plants and sometimes eats dinosaurs. Sometimes Diamond ‘o‘ raptor stays by the water to have a drink and stay hydrated.

Where it lives:
The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor lived in the west of Los Angeles. It lived in Los Angeles by the hot sunny forests and sometimes it was to hot in L.A so Diamond ‘o‘ raptor went to the water. Some Diamond ‘o‘ raptors live in California.

Body part 1:
Diamond ‘o‘ raptor has a powerful horn made out of diamonds. It has a horn to protect itself from meat eating predators like the T-rex.

Body part 2:
The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor has 6 spikes made out of diamonds to kill its prey. When it gets older it gets more spikes. Diamond ‘o‘ raptor was born with no spikes then when it had grown up it had all the spikes it needs.

The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor was a nice dinosaur and a mean dinosaur as well.

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