Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country

Last week on Monday the whole Pt England school had cross country after lunch. After lunch we had to go to class straight away and line up. When we got to class we had to go to the netball courts to wait for our turn to run.

When it was my turn to run I was nervous. When I heard the clapper bam I started running and I tried my best. As soon as we were by the fence line I slipped it was so slippery, when I slipped the mud was squelching up my toes.

When I was close to the finish I tried my best to get to the finish, when I passed the finish line I was puffed. When I was sitting down I gasped for breath.

When I finished running I was so exhausted that I had to have two drinks to stay hydrated. When i was hydrated I went to my auntie and she was so proud of me she gave me a hug.  After I went to my auntie I went to sit down and cheered on the other runners.  

When I was finished I went to have a drink but I was scared because I couldn’t breath and I just tried my best to calm down and breath in and out. I also cheered people on to try their best. When I was sitting down I heard another bam and I got a fright. When the runners sprinted down the finish line I said "try your best".

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